Demo Reel 

Collection of 2D Animated Shorts drawn and animated with Toom Boom Harmony Premium 14, Harmony Stage 10.3,  and Animate Pro 2. Music by Bensound

© Amy Rocco, Tree Eye Productions 2015-17

Craving Ways Animation

Animated Title for the band Craving Ways

Created with deformer bones using Toon Boom Harmony. 

© Amy Ruocco

08/2017, Tree Eye Productions

Quadruped Ned

Quadruped Dog Walk Cycle

Created with deformer bones using Toon Boom Harmony. 

© Amy Ruocco


Toadus Mustachous WIP

Designed and animated with Toon Boom Harmony Stage 10.3 using Deformer bones and keyframe animation with traditional drawing techniques. This scene is in progress for a larger sequence.

© Amy Ruocco, Tree Eye Productions



Kleeva is the main character from a live action short film we are working on called Akasha Rising. 

This is her animated self, drawn and animated in Toon Boom Harmony. 
Updated: 8/2016 

© Amy Ruocco, Tree Eye Productions 

tree eye 

2D Animated logo designed in Toon Boom Harmony

Jan 2016

©Amy Ruocco, Tree Eye Productions


2D Cut Out Animation, creep walk cycle

Johnny was rigged with deformer bones in Toon Boom Harmony

Oct. 26, 2015

© Amy Ruocco, Tree Eye Productions

Soul Searching

2D Animation Short Film/ Demo Reel 

August 24, 2015

©Amy Ruocco, Tree Eye Productions

Ed the Fly

This is the title for a short film with character Ed the Fly. He is a foul mouthed, disgusting creature who lives in the town of Redbridge. Adventures of Ed the Fly coming soon to a screen near you. HD available through vimeo's site.

2D Animation

Sept 2, 2015

©Amy Ruocco,  Tree Eye Productions

© Tree Eye